Species Cat
Homeworld Sonic's World
Series Sonic  the Hedgehog
Fighting Vipers
Affiliation Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories
Fighting Vipers
Gender Female

If you don't look sweet, you're not wearing Honey!


Honey the Cat is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and a highly requested newcomer for SSB5.


Honey was a scrapped character in Sonic the Fighters, who was later re-added in the rerelease. She is a Sonic-ified version of Honey from Fighting Vipers.

Honey was later used in the Champions Arc of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics. Here, Honey is a fashion designer, much like the character she's based on, and designed Amy's dress, which is part of her Dreamcaster's line. After defeating Tails, Honey goes on to fight Sonic, but throws the fight so that he can stop Eggman.

In Sonic the Fighters Edit

In the original game, she is not present normally, yet she is accessible thanks to emulators and exploring the code of the game. If you use her normally without editing her, her Ponytails are missing and her right eye always deeps to look at the camera, she also borrows moves from the other fighters (EG Knuckles' glide) since the developers didn't seem to get too far into her move set and obviously used already existing moves as placeholders. And not just that, but you know when it's a mirror match on that game? Instead of her double being completely grey, it's got a blue dress, pink fur and yellow hair.

Trivia Edit

  • A common ship with her is Mighty the Armadillo, no clue as to why
  • She was the first planned Mobian cat, before Tiara, before Big (Although in all honesty, they should have scrapped him too) and before Blaze.
  • She has no confirmed relation to Big the Cat or Blaze the Cat, despite the same last name.

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