Karma Level 32: Legend
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Alts QueenLUCiNA

HiiiiiTechnical is a user that visited the SmashFAQs board mostly as his alt, QueenLUCiNA, which is more well known. However, he had lurked long before the Queen unsheathed her blade on to SmashFAQs, such as participating in the legendary topic Mega Man isn't well known

History on SmashFAQsEdit

HiiiiiTechnical has visited the boards since the game's reveal at E3 2013. However, he didn't post much as he was on the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team board, then the Super Mario 3D World board until it's release, then the Mario Kart 8 board up until it's release.

At this time, he was feeling the Smash hype, however he didn't become a frequent poster until after E3 2014. He started learning the way of SmashFAQs, This was during the reign of GoddessRosal1na. Then, the GoddessRosa1inapocalypse happened.

This is where QueenLUCiNA comes in. The account was created to oppose GR, however the apocalypse caused her to become a mod target, making her frequent the boards less. Thus, the original purpose of the account was never truly fulfilled. However, the gimmick drew the attention of many people and caused LUCiNA to become a well known user.

So QueenLUCiNA had completely overtaken HiiiiiTechnical by the Robin and Lucina reveal, and continued to post on SmashFAQs up until...

November 8th. The account was logged into for the first time since the creation of QueenLUCiNA. And now, HiiiiiTechnical plans to use both equally, and bring out the QL gimmick again every once in a while.

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