Account Created August 18, 2014
Karma Level 14: Provisional (1)
Current Status Active
Gender Unknown

HiImGodBBLUCiNA is a mock account parodying well known trolls Hi_ImDaisy, GoddessRosal1na, BigBootyJynx and QueenLUCiNA. This user's gimmick was to ultimately combine the gimmicks of all four other users into one by switching back and forth between the personalities.

In their very first topic on the board, they managed to cram all of the following signature gimmicks into their first post:

  • Showing support for Daisy
  • Talking in all italics
  • Using *giggles hysterically* freely
  • Referring to Jynx as being "gorgeous, seductive and scrumptious"
  • Calling people "Bb cakes"
  • Telling people to kindly LEAVE MY TOPIC NOW
  • Roleplaying by posting *sheaths sword*, *draws blade* and *impales you*
  • and referring to themselves as the true Queen/Goddess of the board.

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