Actual Photo of Herbert
Account Created May 6th, 2014
Karma Level Banned
Current Status Banned
Gender Male
Nicknames HerbertMcCrap



did you know

youre a butt

now you know

—HerbertMcGee's finest hour

HerbertMcGee was a user on the GameFAQs SSB4 board. He's just sorta there. That's me. I wrote this.

On August 18, 2014, HerbertMcGee finally got a 500 topic, did you know.

On August 24th, HerbertMcGee got suspended and then banned for posting this video (SFW).

Users' opinions on Herbert McGee Edit

chooses to be annoying with me for no reason. probably his lack of life


"Also, why the f*** do you keep editing EVERYTHING on the wiki? Stop it."

—Radori on Herbert undoing the vandalism on LordCarlisle's page

I-It's not like I like you or anything!


You hypocrite. Bashing users you don't like at length and in great detail, while being one of the more obnoxious users yourself.


Trivia Edit

  • After getting banned, HerbertMcGee made a comeback as HerbertGMcGee.
  • Most wanted newcomers were Shulk from Xenoblade and Sukapon from Joy Mech Fight.
  • Coined the "Bigfoot of SSB4" nickname for Chunky Kong
  • The Temple of Xod attempted to recruit HerbertMcGee, but he declined because fuck the Temple of Xod.
  • On most roster game topics, HerbertMcGee would add Kite or Skeith from the .hack games and Mr. Prongs from Chibi-Robo.
  • Herbert's alt was MrProngs, which he used for a while due to being warned over asking when his previous Warned session would end on the Hellhole board.
  • Notable for spamming the board with Snake support topics at times, and specifically targeting and bullying certain users who end up behaving in a ridiculous way to him.

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