Screenshot of the game with depiction of how mods view themselves

Hellhole is a dead board for a Commodore 64 game nobody has ever played. Being a dead board, it is no longer subject to rules of being on-topic, and thus you can post about anything you want there as long as it does not break the remaining rules of the ToS. Good luck doing that though, because you'll probably receive an infraction by some corrupt moderator for 'Board Invasion'.

It is essentially a moderator circle-jerk, where the moderators are free to abuse their powers without repercussions. It is also full of moderator suck-ups who think they're amazing for their ability to suck dick. It is essentially all that is wrong with GameFAQs and its system of moderation in one board.

Whilst the board is supposed to be used for getting clarification on moderations, the moderators can easily bend the vague terms of the rule against board invasion in order to warn or suspend you, so don't even bother. Not that you would want to go there anyway, as there is a serious risk of getting cancer from the circlejerk that occurs there.

Seriously, don't even post there. Post a completely relevant post in an off-topic thread, and they'll still mod you and no one else. Don't contest your moderations, don't question your moderations, nothing. It's just not worth it, man.

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