Guy With Sword
Species Guy
Homeworld Angel Land
Series Pit
Affiliation Kid Icarus (eromenos)
Gender Male
Guy With Sword is a wanted newcomer we first saw at San-Diego Comic Con. Sadly for all, he was an Assist Trophy. He sure doesn't look happy about it.  But at least we get to play as Lady Paluteena.

Who Is Guy With Sword?Edit

Guy With Sword is a supporting character in Pit: Uprising. There, he and his eromenos, Kid Icarus, get stuck in the same body and Kid Icarus is forced to control him using a magic ring. They also take down Hot Chick Gowule together, who is totally a reference to the character Metroid.


  • He may or may not have killed Alfonzo.
  • Famous youtube 'Let's-Player' Chuggaaconroy wanted this guy to be a newcomer for smash.
  • His sword is actually a Club.

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