Registered On January 14, 2013
Karma Level 35: Idol
Current Status Active
Gender Gay for the interdimensional jester
Nicknames and Alts fawfulthegreat64, FuryOfFawful, dimentio64, kingdimentio, Fawful, That one guy who won’t shut up about Mario RPG characters
greatdimentio is a user who is known for insisting that Mario series RPG characters need to be playable in games such as Smash 4, Smash Switch, Mario Kart 8 and others. He is also known for being very critical of the newer Paper Mario games for mostly excluding original characters.

He originally joined to promote the inclusion of Mario RPG characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Mario Kart 8. Upon confirmation of a Paper Mario stage he became a Paper Mario supporter.

greatdimentio was (and still is) unpopular in almost every Mario-related board on GameFAQs due to his complete inability to talk about anything except Mario RPG and the lack of new characters in recent ones (and often brings them up in unrelated topics he posts in). He also once used a sockpuppet account to try and fool people into thinking secondary Mario & Luigi: Dream Team villain Antasma had been leaked as a playable character in Mario Kart 8. The low-quality photoshop he used was debunked in the span of a day.

Greatdimentio currently does not post in the SSB4 boards (due to the Smash Switch boards existing now), but continues to be an annoyance on a multitude of Nintendo boards on GameFAQs (Primarily Mario-related ones, but he can be seen regularly on the Switch console board), and also frequents Super Mario Maker streams under Twitch name fawfulthegreat64.

He supports Paper Mario, Fawful, and Waluigi for Smash 5 and despises Toad and Daisy. He is also the owner of the Fawful username on GameFAQs, which he uses to roleplay as Fawful in embarrassing fashion.