...Really? New Super Mario Bros 2 gets a stage? New Super Mario Bros 2? The most frogettable Mario game ever? REALLY?

Oh, whatever. Golden Plains is a stage in Super Smash Bros for 3DS. New Super Mario Bros 2 was a game that Nintendo had no creative ideas for when they were making it, so they just threw a lot of coins at the player and hoped they wouldn't notice. (Here's a fun fact for you guys. New Super Mario Bros 2 was originally going to be called New Super Mario Bros Gold, until Nintendo was surprised at how much more innovative it was than previously expected. Yes, more. Referring to New Super Mario Bros 2. The Modern Warfare 3 of Mario games, people.) This is implemented into Smash in a pretty neat way, though. Collectable coins are scattered across the stage. When you collect 100 of them, you become gold, increasing your attack power heavily. There are also blue coins, activated by P Switches, and red coins, which count as five coins. I don't know what happens when you get eight of them. The audience probably claps for you or something.

Golden Plains seems to be one of the rare cases (but not the only one) where the stage is better than the game that it came from. Even the music is better. I mean, it doesn't have those stupid "BAA!" sounds that the NSMB equivalents had. Hell, New Super Mario Bros 2's soundtrack was just New Super Mario Bros Wii's soundtrack, but they added some more "BAA!"s. Really. Compare the NSMBWii overworld theme to NSMB2's overworld theme. I wasn't kidding when I said that New Super Mario Bros 2 is the Modern Warfare 3 of Mario games.

...I just realised that this page is less about Golden Plains and more about how I hate New Super Mario Bros 2. So sorry about that.

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