Species Goldeen
Homeworld Kanto
Series Pokemon
Affiliation Godslayers
Gender 50% Male

50% Female

Its beautiful tail fin billows and flutters like an elegant dress. Swims at a speed of five knots.

—Stadium Pokedex Entry

Goldeen is the absolute best Pokemon ever and an amazing representative for the Pokemon series who should definitely be playable. 

Why Goldeen?Edit

Because kidmf935 had a lot of trouble facing Primal Groudon on Omega Ruby because his team was underleveled, and each time it boiled down to Primal Groudon vs. his level 7 Goldeen he keeps around to Surf.

Except all of Groudon's attacks kept missing because it had been hit by a few Sand Attacks too many. Which means that a Level 7 Goldeen stood toe to toe with a Pokemon capable of world destruction. 

Eventually kidmf935 realized that all he had to do was keep Groudon Paralyzed at full health so that it couldn't use Rest and keep his Flying type out (since two of Groudon's three offensive attacks are Ground type), but Goldeen was still the brave one who tanked this beast.



Goldeen during this proud moment. Note the face - it's the face of determination.


  • Goldeen is so powerful that it's a Master Ball Pokemon in Smash.
  • Twitch used a Master Ball to capture it in Crystal because they knew how powerful it was.

And Then...Edit

Species Seaking
Homeworld Kanto
Series Pokemon
Affiliation Chuck Norris
Gender 50% Male

50% Female

Goldeen evolved some time after that because kidmf935 is a scrub who forgot to turn the Exp. Share off. And as Seaking, it was only better in every single way. It was actually able to go toe to toe with most other legendaries, such as Heatran, whenever kidmf935 would need a surfer. In fact, he needed it to battle Rayquaza. And though he sent it back to his PC afterward, it was remembered. And he still continued to use it (it's still in his party at the time of typing).


Because it's Seaking.


  • Seaking is the Chuck Norris of Pokemon.
  • We're deeply sorry for that Chuck Norris joke.
  • Due to being used in OR/AS, Seaking would also represent Generation III. Somehow.
  • Seaking fell out of use after beating the game. However, as long as there is water, Seaking will be needed.


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