GoddessRosal1na is one of the craziest users to ever make an account on GameFAQs.

Some people hated them, but most loved them. They were one of the few users to ever stand up to the mods.


  • Never got a topic that failed to reach at least 100 posts except for the one the mods closed 97 posts in.
  • Voted as the favorite user of the board several times after they came back from their disappearance after the first time they were banned the day Waluigi was confirmed for Assist Trophy.
  • Arguably the most well known user on SmashFAQs. I mean Hellhole board cannot stop talking about her.
  • Created the board meme *giggles hysterically* which spread all the way to Tumblr.
  • Created several other board Memes such as talking with italics or hav1ng an account with a 1 instead of an I, or a goddess 1n 1t.

Sadly on July 19th the mods targeted her and got rid of the Goddess of GameFAQs for good.

Let's appreciate our signature user *claps* Except for NintendoIsBeast because he celebrated that day.

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