TC, why is your account more gimmicky than most of this games newcomers?


Gimmicks are traits that users use in many of their posts. Examples include awful grammar of incessant supporting of a character. Many consider using a gimmick as a ticket to fame on the boards.

Excessive Support of a CharacterEdit

Excessive Hatred of a CharacterEdit

Excessive Support of a SeriesEdit

Excessive Hatred of a Series Edit

Different Way of TypingEdit

  • geno4life - Bolding random words and overuse of emoticons.
  • Candeles - Speaks in a stereotypical French way.
  • GoddessRosal1na - Talks in all italics and *giggles hysterically*.
  • Dedekong - Capitalizes words in the title for EMPHASIS.
  • Yoshi2010 - Speaks stereotypically British.
  • DMC_Trixie - Talks in the third person and roleplays as Trixie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 
  • QueenLUCiNA - Will *draw her blade* then *inpale you* for having stupid opinions then *sheath her blade* after crushing your miserable existence. 
  • Radori - Has different ways of bumping threads by saying "Rise" or the Up Special Move of a character's moveset. 
  • GrandmastrRobin - Always posts a picture of his expression, and everything typed is in a quote-box.
  • RoyalHo-oh - Types with the best grammar possible and always keeps a thesaurus around so he can seem above all the idiot plebs he is educating.
  • Adumigan - Speaks like a stereotypical white girl.
  • GoddessPalutena - Roleplays as Lady Palutena, and uses lots of cute Asian smileys and tildes because that's how cute anime girls like her talk~! ^-^
  • AnimeaAlvin - Only speaks in lowercase, italics, and uses no grammar. It stops when it gets VERY upset. Like VERY VERY pissed off.


  • Roleplayers - Self explanatory. Most commonly in Attack of the Playable Characters flavor.
  • NoJobBob - Except his troll topics to get at least one: "Get a job, bob."
  • NintendoIsBeast- Hates almost every character.
  • Trivio - Constantly refers to herself as a female gamer and refuses to give out her Facebook.
  • User728 - Has many unpopular opinions and makes sure everyone knows.
  • Blulightning - Points out nonexistant logic fallacies and is very aggressive.
  • NessInEagleland - Hates fucking everything, except Lucina.
  • quinfordmac - WWE Ice Cream Bars
  • Mikokiri - Sarcasm polls and insists that Marth is the prettiest princess.
  • energyman2289 - Gets fucking pissed whenever he is post 21.
  • Radori - Feels the need to announce when he gets post 2, 51, 69, 101, 151, 201 etc. 
  • D4C's Love Train - WHAT A BUNCH OF JOKERS.
  • Swiftie Muggle - Adds tumblr references in EVERYTHING and ends topics withwords such as Loserly and catch phrases such as Know your Place.
  • NoSympathyIke - Posts that fans of disconfirmed or cut characters will get no sympathy from him. Also posts variations of other Ike quotes (as well as that one).
  • TailLover - Really loves tails.
  • LimboStudios - Bashes anything remotely anime- or weeb- related while worshipping Donkey Kong, Metroid and Metal Gear, often resorting to childish death threats and similar idiocies.
  • OwainHas11Toes - Really loves feet. Moreover a lame (and gross) ripoff of TailLover's gimmick.
  • JohnTeetor - Has about a million different gimmicks, his most infamous one being a "girl gamer" like Trivio. Turns out he was actually player_hater.
  • Wyncorp - Posts in every topic with "PSA" in the title pretending that it means Project Smash Attacks.
  • DMGirl - Posts constantly about Meta Knight and the Kirby series. She's a big fan.
  • precita - Constantly makes tryhard topics about subjects are dead horses.
  • Falloffcliffman - Thinks the Ice Climbers are attractive and makes sure everyone knows.
  • GF_Sybb - Only makes topics asking how fat Samus's ass is.
  • marioforever97 - Basically GF_Sybb but with Peach.
  • taoxadasa - Like marioforever97, but for Palutena and Lucina
  • Cutthemac - Proud weeaboo, and considers anyone who likes western characters a "westaboo".
  • Unknown Force - Has a massive hatred towards Smash Bros. for the 3DS.
  • Typhlozard - Consistently claimed Falco is overpowered.
  • Ulk - Always tries their hardest to win an argument, sometimes with walls of text as well.
  • iron610 - "Remove Animea" and the head of the Animea Removal Conference
  • Captain_Falcon - Complains when people bash something he likes (such as Charizard or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) while simultaneously praising something that's the opposite (such as a "contrarian hipster" character or Wind Waker).
  • Megaman_Jolteon - Makes generalizations very often, very quickly.


  • Gimmicks are dumb.
  • Gimmicks are stupid.
  • Graham Cracker.