Account Created July 10, 2013
Karma Level 3: Purgatory (30 days)
Current Status Undead
Gender Male
Nicknames SuperGhasts

Ghast is a user on the GameFAQs board. He works as a Malaysian prostitute and is a big DUCK HUNT.

Smash BoardsEdit

Ghast often trolls the Smash boards, but is capable of giving serious answers. Ghast tends to post very short answers that are straight to the point.


Ghast can be very rude, but isn't necessarily mean. Ghast just gives out tough love. Ghasts also doesn't care about anyone else. What a heartless bitch.

Ghasts's SayingsEdit


Ghasts is fond of posting a picture of herself.

Ghasts has many sayings. Some of them can be found below:
  • you are LITERALLY a mother
  • clse ur account
  • lmao why are you so salty
  • I'll 3 stock you
  • 1v1


  • Ghasts is the beautiful daughter of EDMartyr.
  • Ghasts is named after his grandmother's middle name. She passed away in a freak accident involving a suitcase.
  • Ghasts has nothing to do with that creature from Minecraft.
  • Ghasts is stupid.
  • Shanikua loves Ghasts.
  • Ghasts has a small ass dick.
  • Ghasts has recently done a study to see why he is so stupid.
  • Ghasts has an intimate relationship with Ecylis.
  • Ghasts has a intimate relationship with Shanikua.
  • Ghasts has a intimate relationship with everyone on the board because he's a stupid ass slut.
  • In a deleted topic, Ghasts proposed to both SmashingBros and Yomigaeru. There has been no follow up from any of them since.
  • Ghasts is a flawless user. More so than Radori.
  • Holy Fucking shit Ghasts can whoop arse at smash

Ghast's Porn CollectionEdit

This shit was too nasty, so it was deleted.