Has anyone else noticed that it's become cool to shit on Ocarina of Time? Egoraptor did (a piss poor job at) it, Brentalfloss did it, everyone's doing it. I guess controversy gets you hits, and people today will do anything for that.

Gerudo Valley is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (It's here because of the 3DS remake) and a stage in Super Smash Bros 4.The stage takes place at bridge which kept you from getting to the Gerudo Fortress, though Smash proves that Link could have just jumped over it. It's a pretty big stage for 3DS standards, which means that if you're using a regular 3DS, you're gonna have a bad time. But everybody's gonna have a bad time when the stage's main hazards appear, in the form of Kotake and Koume, evil witches and nice potion shopkeepers. They're also lesbians. Just pointing that out for the folks that think that Sheik is referred to as female in the American release of Ocarina of Time to avoid controversy with rednecks. Oh yeah, and Ganondorf's mothers. Despite this, they don't get all excited and bake cookies when Ganondorf goes on the stage, asking him when he's finally going to get a girlfriend. No, the witches are anti-nepotism. They'll try to kill Ganondorf just like they'd try to kill anyone else. Oh yeah, and you can destroy the platforms in the stage, but it doesn't do much. When they get repaired, the Song of Time plays. Which is kinda strange, because it was Zelda's Lullaby that did that in Ocarina of Time. You're welcome, GameXplain.

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