Geno from Earthbound
Species ???
Homeworld Onett
Series Earthbound
Affiliation Guardian of the Seven Stars
Gender Male

Hello! I'm Geno, and I'm from Earthbound!


Ah, Geno, the cult hit of the Potential Newcomers.

While first appearing in Earthbound, he's technically owned by Square-Enix, and it's vague about what sort of rights Nintendo has to him. When he made a small cameo is Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, there was a whole paragraph in the credits thanking Square, making it seem like Square owns him. Thus, he's unlikely to make any sort of appearance, playable or not, in Smash without Square's involvement.


One of the more obscure requested characters, chances considered dead, he is still believed to have chances within a small group of supporters.

Forest MazeEdit

After Super Smash Bros. Brawl released, hackers found data for "Forest Maze", a song famous among fans of Earthbound. It was most likely removed for copyright issues with Square-Enix.



Geno's newcomer tagline

Despite possible copyright issues, however, he made a small cameo in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (with Square-Enix's permission, of course), meaning if Sakurai wants him and Square-Enix wills it, they will find a way.

They found a way.


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  • Jaystrike, The Most Stubborn Geno Supporter in Existence
  • Ryutto1


SSBB The Lost Tracks-SM RPG Beware The Forest's Mushrooms

SSBB The Lost Tracks-SM RPG Beware The Forest's Mushrooms

The song that shall accompany Geno as he returns, and it signifies hope for Geno for all his supporters, just as the Wii Shop Channel music in Brawl shows promise for a playable E-Shop Shopping Bag.

Death Edit

On December 14th, 2015. The newest update was datamined for any juicy leaks which no one bothered to look as everyone jumped into the anti leak bunker. A file has been found that Geno has been Mii Costume'd. R.I.P.


geno from earthbound


  • After he died, he was reincarnated as Shantae.