Emperor Penguin Manchot empereur

GeneralPengu is a SmashFAQs member known for by his chums, for having the most succesfull Smash Brothers roleplay on GameFAQs at one point. However, a couple months after it started, the mods removed it wrongly. Since then, GeneralPengu has become a huge poster in the private board Games-'N-Things, but still comes to SmashFAQs.



GeneralPengu is known to get along with Pika, but dislike him at the same time.


GeneralPengu usually doesn't mind quinfordmac, but is constantly annoyed by him. 


GeneralPengu and TopHattedTroopa are known to be great partners. Both respect each other and consider themselves the best of the Sacred Seven.


Pengu and Ghasts have a bad sexual past. Neither party likes to talk about it.


Energy is known as one of the few users GeneralPengu regularly likes and respects.


Due to Pengu being a penguin, GeneralPengu adores giraffe and attempts breeding with him.


While furious at kidmf for various reasons at points, GeneralPengu respects him very much.

Characters GeneralPengu wants in SmashEdit

  • Inkling (Splatoon)
  • Wonder Red
  • Mario Party Koopa Kid
  • Duck Hunt Dog
  • Takamaru

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