Captain Falcon, as he destroyed the Gematsu leak

Gematsu Leak

Captain Falcon confronts Sal on the morning of Robin and Lucina's reveal.

RIP Gematsu leak

RIP Gematsu leak

The end of the Gematsu Leak.

  One of the more controversial subjects on the board, an alleged leak from Sal Ramano, The owner of the Gematsu.Com website regarding possible newcomers for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.

On July 14th, 2014, after more than a year of controversy and bloodshed, both the reveal that Chrom will not be a playable character and the fourth leak completely missing the mark tipped the scales in the favor of those against the infamous leak, but only time will tell its true fate... and while Shulk is playable, the Chorus Men aren't.

So, what's this mean?

Well, the majority of the people now believe in either the entire leak being a series of lucky guesses or the middle ground (see below), but there are some who still believe in it.

The CharactersEdit

E3 Leak 2013 (First Leak)Edit

It is said that Sal Romano, the one at Gematsu who received the inside information from the tipper, actually received said information prior to E3. He predicted "Animal Crossing Guy", Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Pac-Man, Little Mac, and Mii to all be revealed at E3. After E3, Sal came forth about where he got this information.

As it turned out, Little Mac, Pac-Man, and Mii were not revealed at E3, Little Mac was later revealed in February 14.

Direct Leak (Second Leak)Edit

Prior to the April '14 Smash Bros. Nintendo direct, Sal claimed that his tipper had once again given him some inside information. Roughly that Mii and Pac-Man were still on their way, while Palutena, A Pokemon from X and Y, Chrom, Shulk, and Chorus Men would also be newcomers. With the only newcomer being Greninja, the debates were reignited.

E3 Leak 2014 (Third Leak)Edit

The morning of E3... Sal Romano posted on Smashboards that he had received a new leak the night before, This leak said that all characters already stated were coming,  To quote Sal:

"- Last E3 before game's launch (obviously)

- Participating characters: Pac-Man, Mii Fighter, Goddess Palutena, Shulk, Chrom, Chorus Men (none of these are new, obv, so I take he means these are the participating characters for E3?)

- There has been internal debate about keeping Lucas versus Ness, apparently Lucas is likely to get the cut - Nintendo is planning post-launch character DLC, source doesn't like this as he thinks it's greedy"

Despite Sal earlier saying Mii (twice), the confirmation of Mii Fighter reignited the debate once more, tipping Gamefaqs over to becoming pro-Gematsu. Palutena and Pac-Man were also confirmed later on that same day.

Shulk LeakEdit

On July 13th, 2014, at 10:45 PM, the night before the newcomer reveal, Sal Romano posted the final leak on Smashboards.  "I got another e-mail tonight.

Its contents:

enjoy my good friend shulk! Click to expand...That is all." 

However, Shulk was not revealed. Robin and Lucina were. Furthermore, Chrom was confirmed to not be a playable character, meaning the leak is false, and the Chorus Men and Shulk are back to being up in the air.

Arguments for and AgainstEdit

Arguments ForEdit

It should be noted that Wii Fit Trainer was never brought up on Gamefaqs prior to her reveal, the closest of reference was a Wii alance Board request which was requested simply as a joke. Furthermore, not a single character in the leak has been  deconfirmed yet, aside from Chrom. To add to that, Greninja, a "Pokemon from X/Y," was confirmed at the April Direct, and Mii Fighter, which he specifically listed, was confirmed during the second E3. At this point, only Chrom, Shulk, and Chorus Men haven't been confirmed. Recently, a Smash Run enemy from Rhythm Heaven was revealed, giving more credence to the Chorus Men being playable. While Chrom's reveal may seem as a point against the Gematsu leak, it is only fair to recall other similar leaks which leaked rosters that were similarly right in all aspects aside from a single character or two. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale for example had two very prominent leaks. One of these leaks was able to predict some very odd choices such as Toro, two Coles, and Raiden over Snake/Big Boss, all of which became true. Later new information from the same leaker arose including charactes like Kat, Cloud, and Lara Croft. While Kat was actually included as DLC, Cloud and Lara were nowhere to be found. Eventually information surfaced from the producers of the game themselves that a character of the name Dart was intended to be included, with a model, animations, and everything, but was scrapped during development. Whether or not a similar thing happen to Chrom causing him to be scrapped from development, or if the Sal's leaker leaked a fake character by mistake remains a mystery. However, the fact that the leaker changed Mii to Mii Fighter implies that the information may not have been outdated. See below for more details.

Probability Edit

Currently, the probability correctly guessed is 8/11, approximately 73%. Also, none of the predicted characters have been disconfirmed in any way until July 14th, 2014, when Chrom was disconfirmed and the fourth leak was contradicted.

Arguments AgainstEdit

First LeakEdit

Even though all of the characters in the first leak did eventually come, it promised they'd be revealed at E3, which did not happen. The leak can be seen as partially true at this point due to the aformentioned characters and reveal timing.

Second LeakEdit

The leaker said that a "Pokemon from X/Y" would be revealed. The ambiguity of this statement, as well as all of the characters (with the exception of Chorus Men) being shoo-ins, caused people to start doubting the leak. Furthermore, as Chorus Men have a very minimal presence in Rhythm Heaven itself, people doubt that they would be added in over more prominent Rhythm Heaven characters.  To add to that, not a single leak mentioned Rosalina and Luma, which is causing some to doubt it, as most of the characters listed were commonly predicted anyway.

Third LeakEdit

While this leak confirmed Gematsu for some, it proved it to be fake for others. The internal debate about keeping Lucas or Ness both goes against how Sakurai said he would cut characters for time constraints only and how because the game will launch three months after the leak the roster has been finalized for a long time, meaning it's too close to release for them to still be considering cutting a character. Furthermore, Sakurai has stated that he won't even consider DLC until the game is released, also taking away credibility from the third leak. It must be noted that Sakurai has full creative control over the games. Also, Mii Fighter being listed for the third leak but not the first two has led people to believe that the "leaker" saw the E3 videos and just added on the other "newcomers" for his own purposes. At this point, only time will tell.

Shulk Leak Edit

On the morning of July 14th it was proven that neither Shulk nor Chrom were revealed by Sakurai, not only that but Chrom also got disconfirmed by the trailer. The Gematsu Leak's credibility is very low at this point.

Middle GroundEdit

With the reveal that Chrom will not be a playable character, some people have reached a middle ground, as opposed to either fully believing or disbelieving the leak. The middle ground states that the leaker simply gained access to both of Nintendo's E3 Smash Bros. videos ahead of time and only truly leaked Villager, Mega Man, and Wii Fit Trainer in the first leak, and Mii Fighters, Palutena, and possibly Pac-Man in the third leak, with the rest of the newcomers (with the exception of the Chorus Men and debatably Shulk ) being shoo-ins thrown into the leaks for whatever reason. Users' guesses range from trying to sound more credible to wanting to regain relevance to a plethora to things, and in the end, we may never know what was truly leaked and what wasn't.

For an explanation of the middle ground belief in detail, here are two posts on the subject.

Supporters and Non-SupportersEdit

People tend to believe or disbelieve for numerous reasons. Were they all just safe guesses for Sal and/or his tipper? Do the Palutena images lend credence to this leak? Does guessing Wii Fit Trainer prove him right or did he just catch lightning in a bottle? Would Mii, Pac-Man, and especially Chorus Men really be added?

It's best to not 100% believe it or 100% discard it, at least not without giving it some thought. From there, it's up to you. However, after the third leak despite all of the arguments against it Gamefaqs has taken a general pro-Gematsu stance, but that does not mean everyone believes. Remember that you can disagree while still being respectful, which applies to both sides.

Supporter ListEdit

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Non-Supporter ListEdit

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Users' Opinions on the Gematsu LeakEdit

I just want Ridley and Mewtwo. Chrom's been deconfirmed, Shulk I could care less about, and a Rhythm Heaven rep is completely okay with me. Just give me Ridley and Mewtwo.


The Truth Edit

So, from interviews and datamining, Source Gaming has determined that Gematsu was right - emphasis on the was. According to them, it's likely the leaker had information from extremely early roster choices, as seen by Sakurai confirming Chrom was initially planned over Robin and the Rhythm Heaven icon being found with the other series icons (which could mean anyone, not the Chorus Kids in particular). Basically, if the Chorus Kids are in Samash Ultimate, than no one can deny the leak.


  • It is rumored that the leaker lives in the Nile River in Egypt. The leaker is known as Shulb.
  • This page is outdated just like the leak was.