Pretty sure this stage is Dun-banned

Gaur Plain is the plain on the Bionis' leg in Xenoblade Chronicles, and a stage in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. This is the place where Bowser came looking for his son, only to get backslashed by Shulk, who at the time had really felt it. There are kinda two different versions of Gaur Plain, as the 3DS and Wii U versions differ. The 3DS version of Gaur Plain is significantly smaller, has smaller platforms (hitboxes?) and lacks the springs and a certain other obstacle that we will soon discuss. I guess you could think of it as Diet Gaur Plain. Or Gaur Plain Lite. But not Gaur Plain Zero, because that would just be nothing at all, like Wii Fit Studio or Duck Hunt. Like a number of stages, Gaur Plain as a day-night cycle. On the 3DS version, this is completely cosmetic, but on the Wii U version...



The big bad mechanical menace himself

...this triggers the stage's boss, Metal Face. Metal Face is kind of an oddity, as, while Ridley was fought in the Pyrosphere in Other M, and Yellow Devil was fought in Wily Castle in Mega Man 1, Metal Face was never fought in Gaur Plain in Xenoblade Chronicles. You do, however, encounter Metal Face here, in a big awesome battle that brings Dunban into the party and foreshadows Alvis and the Telethia and stuff while this plays for the first and only time in the game. Aww yeah, best song in the game. Besides maybe One Who Gets In Our Way. Or Engage the Enemy. Anyway, Metal Face will actually destroy some of the terrain, just so he can stand on it. You can attack him anywhere, and eventually he'll just die. Metal Face is generally the most well-liked of the three bosses, as Gaur Plain, unlike Wily Castle and Pyrosphere, wouldn't be a competitively viable stage anyway, so he's not ruining one, he is big enough not to get too much in the way (in other words, he is not one who gets in our way), and his commentary is hilarious. Also, it's far easier to predict his arrival, thanks to the day-night cycle. Metal Face: What's not to like?