Garden of Hope

What's holding those ropes, anyway?

Garden of Hope is Olimar's home stage in Smash Wii U, even though he was never seen in the Garden of Hope. In addition to Olimar (and Alph, who did go here), this stage is home to a Bulborb that just watches you fight, Pikmin that assemble structures like the bridge and the little hut that I forget what it did in Pikmin 3, and the Drrrrrake. Oh yeah, it's also home to the Peckish Aristocrab, who is the worst thing ever. Having a good All-Star run? Hey look, it's the Peckish Aristocrab. He just killed you. You are dead, dead, dead. Thought you were hot? Guess what, you're not. You are dead, dead, dead.

Doesn't seem very hopeful to me.

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