More like GAYme Theory, amirite?

Game Theory is a channel about insane conspiracy theorists who make bizarre theories about video games, such as how Wario is 9 feet tall and that Link is dead for the entirety of Majora's Mask. They are a very hot topic on the boards, as some worship them, but others despise them. Also, their most famous mistake is getting the heights wrong of both Classic Sonic and short/unpowered up Mario in the theory about Sonic's speed, making the results very innacurate.

Their most talked about theory on how Peach is the mother of Rosalina is getting serious hate due to one big theory hole: Rosalina hasn't shown the ability to time travel. since when she was a kid, her mother died and peach isn't dead yet and Rosie is a fully grown woman. It was later theorized in part 2 that she waits until the universe resets itself every dozen-something years apparently. But this isn't really a good theory, since most people in the galaxy seemed to have had their memories wiped of the incident and even then, the universe only seemed to reset since Bowsers machine went kablowey or something and the lumas sacrificed themselves to stop it or something. And then the biggest hole was failing to mention the tennis games where Mario can indeed hold a racket in a left hand (In the Wii one anyway) so Everyone in that game is confirmed Ambidextrous. So peach could of Married anyone with a moustache in that game, maybe even Wario. And then, Luigi shows slight hints on having a small crush on rosalina (like, telling Mario that HE (Luigi) was the one that found the star to impress Rosalina... So the only TRUE answer here is that Rosie is somehow the daughter of Mario and Peach (most likely from another timeline since she does so much space travel and she's likely crossed dimensions at one point) and her uncle from another dimension thinks she's really pretty.

Also his stupid theorists decided that a theory on a stupid hookshot would be cooler than finding out how Captain falcon performs the FALCON PAWNCH. Idiots.

Other bullshit theories include:

How the Phone Guy is the purple guy because the Night Guard in the third game taps panels to transcend time and space and save the kids in an alternate timeline bullshit and because Phone Guy is MOST OBVIOUSLY THE ONLY PERSON THAT KNOWS HOW TO WEAR THE SPRINGLOCK SUITS IT'S NOT LIKE ANOTHER EMPLOYEE COULD HAVE DONE IT OH NO.

The Mario timeline is bullshit because it counts his 'Peach is DEAD' theory as cannon

The "How fast is Sonic?" theory in which several mistakes are made such as mis-comparing hights between Modern and Classic Sonic, or measuring a building in real life as an equivalent to a game.

Game Theory tried to ruin the 'Do a Barrel Roll' meme so they're evil

They think Ness is Sans because a badge was mentioned (and it HAS to be the Franklin badge, it CAN'T be any other badge from any other game oh no) and a picture that has an unspecified amount of people in it, SURELY THIS MUST MEAN HE IS NESS! The only good reason is that Ness is missing from that Earthbound hack Toby made.

And the only Good and plausible theory seems to be Bowser's family one. Even though it was confirmed that he adopted them.But hey. It's just a theory. A game theory.

They have now resorted to giving dating advice. How could they fuck that up?

Then there's film theory Edit

They do theory on films and TV. Some of it smells like shit while other theories make characters such as Elsa surprisingly more tolerable.

They also did a theory on Donald Trump so...

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