Registered On June 20th, 2014
Karma Level i dont know what this is.
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts GOOMYMASTER
 GOOMYLORD1211 is a person on teh gfaqs smash 4 forums. he <3s GOOMY & uses smilys a lot :)))))))))


goomy is teh best newcomer 4 smash 4...every1 else is stupid. except rosalima bcuz shes cool and has stars & stuf


wft is dumb and stupid and why did sakkrai even chose her 4 smash!!!! >:(((((( she isntt even kewl or anything!!! i hate her!!!!!! :(((


i liek mudkips. :))))

hate cyrsis999 or whatevr hes so dumb

i hate lordcarslisel bcuz girhaim is a bad charracter >:((

i hate people wgo HATE GOOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,((

Becoming a Disciple of XodEdit

GOOMYLORD randomly signed up to be a member of the Temple of Xod one day at about the same time as cryosis919. His reasons are unknown, as he didn't elaborate, but presumably he thinks it's funny or some shit. He was granted the grand title of Disciple of the Dragon's Wrath. It is unknown whether this actually means anything or is just a thinly-veiled reference to Goomy being Dragon-type.


GOOMYLORD made a petition for anybody who wants Goomy in Smash 4. Unfortunately, it comes with the cost of removing Wii Fit Trainer, but what the fuck.

The link to the petition is here:


GOOMYLORD has made a number of topics about a bunch of stupid shit. Here is an archive of them:

  1. The topic that started it all, on the subject of Goomy being the best candidate for Smash Bros 4:
  2. On the subject of a petition to remove Wii Fit Trainer and replace her with Goomy:
  3. He made a topic about Wii Fit Trainer being a bad character, but this has since been modded.
  4. On the subject of whether or not people want Goomy or Ridley more:

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