Species Fox
Homeworld Corneria
Series Star Fox
Affiliation Space Furry
Gender Male



Fox, full name Fox McCloud, is a beloved space furry veteran of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Fox only Edit

Fox (along with his exact clone Falco) are normally used for Melee tourney matches unless one of the players is ballsy enough to attempt taking a Fox down with a Sheik, Captain Falcon, Peach, Marth or Ice Climbers.

Because of the abundant use of Fox in Melee tourneys, the meme 'No items, Fox Only, Final destination' was created as a way to describe Melee tourneys in one single sentence.

Now Watch Me Blip - A Melee Hell Original

Now Watch Me Blip - A Melee Hell Original

Due to this, all his noises and 'blips' from his reflector became a meme of their own, generally referred to a 'Melee hell'.

The nosies are used as a reminder that no matter how hard we try, we can never truly forget Melee was a thing, even if we do our best to kill off the competitive scene.

WaveShine Edit

WaveShine is a fox amiibo that nearly won the loser bracket of a tournament against HUMAN PLAYERS. Of course this was when amiibo were new and we didn't know they were super buffed upon reaching max level and didn't think they could be beat at all. But no matter!

WaveShine is Melee fox reincarnated. He was there to show players that Melee is superior by showing how superior he was to most of the players there...

Users Who Main FoxEdit


  • Fox is not a fox.
  • He is married to Mega Man's dog Rush.
  • We have no idea what he actually says.
    Proposal to rush