Find Mii is another stage in Super Smash Bros 4. It's based on StreetPass Mii Plaza, that built-in 3DS game where you have to pass by people in order to accomplish things in various games. For example, in Puzzle Swap, you have to StreetPass with people in order to get panels to finish a picture. And in Find Mii, you can use the people you StreetPassed with to get through some really simple RPG to rescue yourself. Well, more importantly to rescue hats. Now I know how the Team Fortress 2 player base feels.

Find Mii (actually based on Find Mii 2) takes place on top of a big old castle with your Mii in a cage, suspended over the battlefield. You can actually destroy the cage, sending you, the king, plummeting to their doom. Whoops.

The Dark Emperor, final boss of Find Mii 2, watches as you fight, and actually powers you up or down depending on the color of your fighter. That's racist. He'll also show up on the battlefield. He hurts you, you hurt him back, whoever hits him last gets powered up. It ain't fair, but that's life. Get over it. It's just some code in a video game.

Oh yeah, this is the last stage to get a page on the wiki. Maybe now I can get some sleep.

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