Fake leaks are leaks that people begin on Gamefaqs, usually to troll.

Common characteristicsEdit

Fake leaks can almost always be identified by starting with one of the following:

  • My friend who works at Nintendo...
  • I know you're not going to believe me, but...

Furthermore, fake leaks usually seem to know Sakurai's reasoning for putting in characters, and they usually only contain the so-called "Shoe-Ins" and one or two more. They seem to know either everything about the game or characters and nothing else, as characters are clearly the only things that can be leaked.


Here are some examples of fake leaks.

Screen leaksEdit

Screen leaks are leaks of pictures- specifically, things similar to the leak of Lady Palutena, except easily debunked. For example, take this recent "leak."


Clearly a real leak, because why else would two hundred news sites be reporting it?

  • Some models, such as Wario and Ganondorf, were identified almost immediately.
  • Chrom is spelled "Krom" in Japanese.
  • Ice Climbers would be Ice Climber in Japanese.

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