FIFA Bowser
Fifa Bowser
Species Koopa
Homeworld Koopa Kingdom
Series MarioFIFA
Affiliation Villains
Other Soccer Positions
Gender Male
FIFA Bowser is another form of Bowser created after Bowser decided to start training for FIFA.


FIFA Bowser's goal is to successfully win a FIFA World Cup.


After losing to Mario one too many times in a game of Super Mario Strikers, Bowser decided that he was tired of being laughed at, so he started training to be the very best, like no one ever was.


No, he's not Bowser. That would be like saying Paper Mario and Mario are the same character! FIFA Bowser carries a soccer ball with him at all times, unlike normal Bowser.


  • FIFA Bowser was conceptualized when m0rningstar's auto correct hit Giga Bowser in kidmf935's Should it Return?

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