Expand Dong

Expand Dong

The original Expand Dong video.

I'd shower you with coconut cream pies.

—Expand Dong

Expand Dong is a meme that has to do with a scene from the Donkey Kong Country Animated Show.

The phrase is from the episode Raiders of the Lost Banana, which is Season 1, Episode 4 of the series. It is located around the 19 minute mark.

Why Is It Called 'Expand Dong'?Edit

It's called expand dong because Cream Pies can mean one of two things: The actual 'cream' from a man or a sexual act. The 'Showering' part also hints at the climax where the man has several options on how to unleash, one of them being to shower his partner with the 'cream pies' before going soft again. The wording of 'Expand Dong' likely means 'To get hard' which is connected to all of this.

And that is how babies are made...


When Dong should/does not ExpandEdit

In cases of emergency, you should refrain from Expanding the Dong, or that could cause massive problems for you and everyone around you. In most cases, Dongs should not expand when:

Near children, looking at absurd fetishes, failing to expand with your GF but instantly expanding when looking at a picture of Xander Mobus... Etc.


  • Vinesauce's Vinny made a reference about the Expand Dong meme in his 'Dusting off the Wii U' video on YouTube while exploring the shop on the Wii U. He noticed the phrase 'expand your collection' below an image of DK and then commented on it.
  • Expand Dong won against Ridley in the Ridley vs The World poll series, which means he is more wanted as a newcomer than Ridley.
  • Expand Dong was only made in 2013, so as of 2018 it's barely 5 years old.
  • Some users are suspected to have a secret stash of expand dong.
  • Not to be confused with Expand Wrong