energyman2289's Moofin Puddle..

Out of nowhere in a topic called "Do ya want Baby Princess'? Note: Peach and Daisy ARE princesses, Rosalina is NOT" created by ComeOnDaisy, BurnedPotatoes randomly posted "I just ate a muffin." And that's when energyman2289 took it to the next level..

Link to the topic:

What Went DownEdit

Note: BurnedPotatoes' link leads to the picture for this page.

What the FUCK is wrong with energyman2289!?Edit

Most of the time, energyman is a serious poster, but in this topic, he let that shit go! He let that Moofin expand his mind, and I'm pretty sure some other region as well.. I'm sure many agree that he should keep his fucked up thoughts to himself.

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