Species Muppet
Homeworld Sesame Street
Series Sesame Street
Affiliation Satan, The KKK
Gender Male

You wanna kiss the guy who does Elmo's voice?


Elmo is a three-and-one-half year old muppet with a big personality! Elmo appears on the hit TV show Sesame Street! He also did 9/11!

Why He Should Be PlayableEdit

  • Elmo is popular amongst the demographic of under 6 gamers! (Who are well below Smash Bros's age rating as well as some of the series featured in it)
  • Elmo (or Elmo's puppeteer) is gay, so there's a new demographic!
  • Elmo loves you!
  • Elmo has a goldfish.
  • He also killed JFK!

Users Who Want Elmo Playable!Edit

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