Ellen DeGeneres
Species Human
Homeworld Earth-2K
Series Ellen DeGeneres Show
Affiliation TV Shows
Gender Lesbian

Ellen DeGeneres is a newcomer for Super Smash Brother for 3DS, because it is gay like her, and has sweet lesbian sex with her wife like her. She did not want to be in the Wii U version, because it was too straight for her.

Queen Ellen will drop the thousands of bills that other companies gave to her if you try her.

Biography Edit


Ellen (on our right) when she was Oprah. This is just moments after the first Avatar split them. Her nemesis Oprugh is on our left.

Ellen was born as Oprah Winfrey, but then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them. The first Avatar walked into Oprah pleasuring herself, and Oprah seemed like she was in pain and having fun. He separated the two, and Oprah was obviously the evil one cause she is black. Ellen became the good one, because she is white. Ellen joined the Avatar, and they fought Oprah and put that hoe in her place. Afterwards, Ellen became a lesbian because she missed her old Oprah self. She figured the best way to be a lesbian and train to fight Oprah when she returns in 10,000 years was to join the cast of Smash Bros.

I believe, Ellen can save the world.

Moveset Edit

Specials Edit

Neutral Special: Just Keep Swimming - She finds a woman and swims deep in her bay.

Final Smash Edit

Avatar Juice: Finds the Avatar and makes her squirt on their opponents.

Ellen's Ultimate Enemy, The Evil OprahEdit

When she was almost destroyed by UnaOprah, Avatar Korra lost her connection with Ellen. When Korra found Ellen again and they fused again, it is speculated that the refusion influenced Korra's sexual identity change into a lesbian. She hates Josh from Drake and Josh, who is called Oprugh, Ellen's nickname for her.

Trivia Edit

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Her Luke Skywalker Halloween costume

  • Ellen's favorite character in the cast of Smash Bros is Palutena, because she has divine origin and beauty much like herself. She is also a CoverGirl, like herself and that Spanish Lady from the gay show.
  • The reason there are no black characters in Smash is because it would scare Ellen. Unless they were DJ's.
  • She only has two moves, because if she had more she would be OPer than Brawl Meta Knight.
  • She dressed as Luke Skywalker for Halloween.
  • To this day, it is unknown if anyone's mom watches her.