Karma Level 5: Warned
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Alts All Banned

admiral zephyr is an unfunny nerd

come on man i don't really appreciate you editting my page like that

really uncivilized, just not good in general

i put my heart and soul into every character of that post and you had to go and destroy it like that, two bears high fiving?

who even are you anyway

whatever i don't even care

so i guess i need to give you the rundown again, some douchebag deleted everything and said i was a pedophile

denying that btw, not a pedophile

but yeah whoever is reading this, my username is supposed to be ecylisis, but i fucked up and made it ecylis

can't even change it, you need like 2000 karma for that shit

gamefaqs is some screwed up stuff man, who even wrote the TOS

probably someone who doesn't know how to take a joke

"i'm going to make a website where people can interact with each other but no saying anything that is moderately offensive and you have to be on topic because we are serious business"

"you can't be a part of my gaming discussion website unless you follow my rules"

does anyone even like gamefaqs

i feel like we only use it because its so minimalist and simple

moderation is a lot less in your face, it's like on other sites you get some bar and if you get modded enough to fill it your ass is gone

but on gamefaqs it's like "hey stop you won't lose any karma this time but come on man"

i don't really get it, if you don't lose karma, what's the point

is that even a punishment


not at all

gamefaqs mods are some dumb shit

i like that this double spaces automatically, it's kinda annoying to press enter twice all the time

been goin on for a while now, what have i even been talking about

better wrap this up soon

like right now bye

i just put in one of those table things btw, this is nice

And then I was like YOOOOOOOOO

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