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We will add each other and SMASH each other or other games

The List Edit

Board Username Nintendo Network Identification Wii U? 3ds? BOTH?
Masahiro Sakurai Sakurai Wii U
Pnkgoldcatpeach pinkgoldcatpeach Both
kidmf935 kidmf935 Wii U 
energyman-2289 energyman2289 Both
MNova AurumMidnite Both
NoSympathyIke You'll get no NNID from me.
Divine_shadow_ leo52789 Both
Mikokiri DarknessDoom
Redandwatch RedFlyNinja Wii U
Jorentylll Jorentylll Both
Patwhit Patwhit4lyfe Wii U
MrMegaPhoenix MrMegaPhoenix Wii U
Powerclaw powerclaw1 Both
ViewtifulGene ViewtifulGene


Ghasts Shinykoopa Wii U
Rad Dudesman raddudesman Both
BallerXRosalina arigreenwood98 Both

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