Dr. Mario
Best Character Ever
Species Doctor
Homeworld Mushroom-Infested Kingdom

Brooklyn,NY, USA

Series Dr. Mario
Affiliation Pill-Pushers
Gender Male

Dr. Mario some guy that looks suspiciously like Mario, but he isn't. He's Dr. Mario, a completely different character from Mario.

He was a fucking awesome clone in Melee but was removed from Brawl. The only reason he was in Melee was because he had awesome music. Seriously, Sakurai used that as a reason.

Sakurai: *Laughs*

He also said it was because a doctor would need to be on the scene. Oh, and also, he had more data on the Brawl disc than Pichu. An ascended alternate costume was planned to be in before Pichu. That should tell you something. 

He has now been confirmed to be a returning veteran in SSB4. Before Mewtwo.

Por favor entienda by wrappedinblack-d75yh6h

(But it's OK because Mewtwo is back now.) 


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