FE Heroes Donnel Smash
Species Master Race
Homeworld Some Farm
Series Fire Emblem
Affiliation OP
Gender He's not a weak villager, he's a man, a big, STRONG man!

Donnel is the most OP character in the history of all of Fire Emblem.

Life Edit

He was brought up on a farm. When he was almost an adult, his father was killed and then Chrom came n shit and then because Chrom saw his power in battle, he wanted Donnel to join the sheperdss. Donnel gladly accepted the invitation (but only after saying goodbye to his mother) and proceeded to wreck everything in his path. After a while, he fell in love with a hot bitch, screwed her, and apparently his son from the future came to visit, but he doesn't remember his father very well. Once he single handedly crushed Grima (with giving the final blow to his wife), he almost left back to the farm with his son. But his wife's job kept him a place at the castle as the royal gardener and his son randomly dissapeard, people suspect that he fell into a time portal. By the age of 50, he had parented 4 kids with his wife and his eldest child was a father to twins. By the age of 87, Donnel passed away due to old age, his wife followed him two years later.

Tumblr mip847Ui3W1qzusefo1 500

He's this fucking badass

Personality Edit

He's a fucking pimp, before marrying his wife, he did all dem bitches. He is also a hard worker and will work his ass off until he gets respect. He is an idol to everyone in the kingdom due to his badassery and OPness. He is also very good at making friends and is determined to do so. Heck, he is determined to do anything... Command him to make you a sammich? HE'S GONNA BE FUCKING DETERMINED AS SHIT TO MAKE YOU THE PERFECT SAMMICH! If he doesn't make the perfect sammich though... HE'LL BE TWICE AS DETERMINED NEXT TIME!

Powers Edit

Tumblr mrej9stXPO1sddcmzo1 500

He uses his trust LOG OF POWR and mysterious tree branches that he has never seen before. If You let alone just as TOUCH one of those weapons, you'll be bleeding fucking EVERYWHERE. His weapons are THAT powerful. He also has so much fucking luck. He is the luckiest guy ever, everyone wants his amount of luck, because with his amount of luck, you'll be finding dollar bills on the sidewalk every few minutes, or you'll have a 1/50 chance of winning the lottery... That may not sound like much but compared to actual odds of you winning the lottery, that's a fucking high chance.

Weaknesses Edit

Tumblr mtti0osoQX1s29kwho2 1280

Without his pot, he is nothing.

Ah yes. Every hero, even one as great as Donnel, must have an Achilles Heel. His is loosing his pot. Because without it, his defence halves. Plus, without the pot, he wouldn't be Donnel. But besides being without his best friend the pot, he had no weaknesses.


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