He's really friendly tho.
Account Created Friday, October 18, 2013 1:14 PM
Karma Level 32: Legend
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Gender Male
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Nicknames Sea Bear



A cool dude who likes Zelos, Shulk, and Smash in general... when he's on topic...

Just keep him away from ChibiDialga or JorentyIII...

Smash BoardsEdit

Despite being around the longest out of The Legendary Trio, he's actually the most level headed member.

He supported Shulk from Xenoblade way before the Gematsu leak (Even though he wasn't very vocal about his support until afterwards)and plans to main him, as well as continue with his old mains Sonic and Ike. Except fuck Ike because Bowser is better(Jk Ike I luv u dun hurt meh.) He also screws around with Greninja and Lucina every now and then.He is fucking excited about Mewtwo and can't wait to add him to his ever growing list of mains.

He spends most of his time making nonsensical shitposts. When he actually does post something serious, he usually abandons topic so that he doesn't have to take the time to write back to people.

When he doesn't know how to respond to a post, he'll most likely just make a sarcastic remark. (Or a horrible joke that only he finds humorous.)


Every single topic he makes derails within at least 100 posts. Like, for fucks sake, this guy can't stay on-topic. Shitposting is literally his favorite thing to do while on SmashFAQs. Almost every post he makes derails whatever topic he happens to be posting in.

Out of the three mentioned above, he is often reported the least due to his mastery of the art of shitposting. If you wish to learn, Jorenty compiled all he could gather from direct study below.

Divine's off-topic lessons to be an expert shitposter!Edit

  1. Stay on topic for the first two or three pages.
  2. Talk in spoilers for the first five.
  3. Bring the gifs at page three or four.

Anything elseEdit

  • Sea-Bear
  • Hates Yaoi
  • Sometimes touches himself when thinking of Keanu Reeves

Helped give birth to Corndog Shulk.