DerekMorganFBI is a 40-year-old man who worships Captain Falcon and has a hate boner for Lucina. In fact, he hates Lucina so much that he wants to hunt down her fans. He hates modern anime in general except for the stereotypically dudebro/nostalgic Dragon Ball Z, and would happily want to see Lucina replaced with Goku in Smash. He has such a raging hate boner for Lucina that it even gets on the nerves of other people who dislike (or even hate) her, and had a very brief rivalry with overzealous Lucina fan Svedeesh_Cheff. Sonicstar77 is basically a more childish version of him.

He is a fake Dexter fan; Dexter works for the police, NOT the FBI. He doesn't even know Dexter's name is Dexter, he thinks it is Derek. What a dumbass.

The biggest fan of reading good books.