Demi Lovato
Species Queen
Homeworld Pop Charts
Series Music
Affiliation Teen Shit
Gender Female

I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.

—Sung by Ms. Lovato

Queen of the Seven Seas, Nine Planets, and millions of fans, Demetria Lovato is an inspiration to folks around the globe and has touched many lives.


Demi Lovato has gone on to sell million of albums with her top charting singles. Starting with her album, Don't Forget, she burst onto the scene with her totes rock style. Following in a similar style, she released her sophmore album, Here We Go Again. After going through several deep and personal changes she released her third album, Unbroken. Her fourth album is named after herself, called Demi, and is the latest one to date. She is known for her powerful voice and ever changing hair.


Demi's Skyscraper.

Demi began her career as a typical Disney girl, although she was much more rock oriented compared to her peers. She starred in the popular show, Sonny With a Chance and released two albums. She experienced a mental breakdown and went into rehab for a while, before making a comeback with her inspirational song, Skyscraper. Shedding her clean Disney image, Demi Lovato touched millions of fat girls and gays with her messages of self acceptance, sharing her own stories of self-harming and drug use.

Michaeloll loves her.

Miley CyrusEdit

The two used to be close friends and turnt up together, but Demi broke off their friendship when she left that shit. The two smoked weed and got high after filming their Disney shit often, but now hates this skank after she smoked all her weed and started being a whore.

Selena GomezEdit

She used to be best friends with Selena, but they called it off when Selena started hanging out with Taylor Swift and Demi went to rehab. They reconciled for about a month to get good publicity, before Demi got tired of Selena seeing Justin Bieber and left.

Taylor SwiftEdit

Demi and Taylor did not start off with a good relationship, with Demi sniping at Taylor's antifeminist status and her involvement in stealing Selena from her. However, the two have made up and now shop together.

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