Account Created Unknown
Karma Level 31: Veteran
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Alts DeZAniceguy

Several Others

DeZA is an active user of the community.

Smash BoardsEdit

DeZA is a humble user on the Smash Ultimate board on GameFAQs. DeZA went by many names, due to his many accounts often getting banned. All of his accounts usually start with the iconic "DeZA". DeZA was the one that started the term "Close Your Account".


DeZA had a tendency to tell others to close their accounts when he did not like them. However, DeZA has displayed kind actions on numerous occasions and displayed a pleasent personality.

According to other sofgvsdgsdfurces, DeZA enjoyed drinking alcohol and drawing in the past time.

DeZA went through a time where he tried to spread love using the phrase "#SpreadTheLove", but seems to have given up on this.


  1. Spreadthelove is a movement DeZA created to get everyone to love each other, and to stop leaving the boards on 3/9. Is a very thoughtful, compassionate act of love.



DeZA had an unstable relationship with everyone.

Except meh Adumigan


  • DeZA can no longer make any new accounts for a reason he won't say.
  • Which is odd considering he consistently shows up to shitpost on SmashFAQs pr SunFAQs