David Silverman
David Silverman Smash
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Series Reality
Affiliation Atheism
American Atheists
Gender Male

We are here to deliver a message to America: We are here and we will never be silent again.

—David Silverman

David Silverman is the current president of American Atheists, a non-profit organization that supports the rights of atheists and the removal of expressions of religion in public when possibly interpretable as government endorsement, in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


David SIlverman first began publicly challenging religion in high school. He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University and a Marketing MBA from Penn State University. He is an inventor with seventy four patents, and has authored several articles, including a cover story for inventor's digest.

Personal LifeEdit

David Silverman claims to have been an atheist from the age of six. His parents were jewish, and though he was never a closeted atheist, he was forced to do his Bar mitsvah. He calls this the turning point in his life at which he decided never again to lie about his atheism. Seventeen years later, while Silverman was in his thirties, his father admitted his atheism. He is currently married to a Jewish woman and has an atheistic daughter.

Relevance to SmashEdit

David Silverman is heavily requested to represent the Reality series as a hero.

Memetic StatusEdit

The "Are You Serious Face" meme is based off a scene where David Silverman of American Atheists makes a perplexed expression during a debate with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. During the exchange O’Reilly uses the “tide goes in, tide goes out” argument for the existence of God that is also the origin of You Can’t Explain That image macros. 

Known SupportersEdit

Image GalleryEdit

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