Darkrai92 is a user, shrouded in mystery, who very rarely posts a thing, and even more rarely posts twice in the same topic.

Best pokemon ever.

An artists depiction of Darkrai92


Darkrai92 may or may not believe Gematsu. Darkrai92 may or may not support Ridley. Darkrai92 may or may not be Chrob. Darkrai92 may or may not be the one who killed your parents. All we know is that Darkrai92 is Darkrai92. Possibly. Darkrai92 may or may not be Darkrai92.

Role on GameFAQsEdit

Darkrai92 closely observes the GameFAQs community, plotting. What is he plotting for? You may or may not find out.


-Darkrai92 may or may not have any relationships with the GameFAQs community.

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