Yep. This is some stupid shit right here. Edit

"Dark Dr. Metal Pink Gold Dark Giant Baby Dark Dark Dark Dark Baby Dark Meta Toon Zero Suit Captain Adamant-Nature Wireframe-Ridleydorf Hunt Jr. and Watch JigglyClimbers in his sports outfit riding a Landmaster with a based sexy alt smoking Dark weed everyday while eating Falco's bread with rule63 Zero from Dark Megaman X who is co-piloting a purple Arwing that transforms into a Knightmare with Lelouch Vi Britannia over Dark Big Battlefield in 3D or in a 1.5 HD remix featuring Dark Dante from the Dark Devil May Cry series playing KI: Uprising with Based God Sakurai who wields the Monado and Knuckles using Dark PK Starstorm while participating in the Tokyo Summer Olympics with Se-Jun Park's Pachirisu and Femtwo who can use alchemy and decided to revive it's dead mother in 1080p and 60fps on a 72" flatscreen plasma TV with surroundsound stereo", is a wonderful newcomer invented by JorentyIII and Divine_shadow_ .

He is only playable on the Commodore 64 version of Smash 4.

All his taunts are pulling out the decapitated heads of Lucas , Wolf , and Snake with a censor bar over the latter and laughing like Duck Hunt Dog

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