Dark Samus
250px-Dark Samus mp3 Artwork
Species Phazon
Homeworld Tallon IV
Series Metroid
Affiliation Evil
Gender Female?
Dark Samus is a somewhat popular choice for a Metroid newcomer. She is not like other Dark characters in their series (Dark Pit, Dark Link, etc.), because she isn't really a dark version of her. She is Phazon that took the shape of Samus' Phazon suit, and combined with Samus' DNA or something like that. She is also the main antagonist of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Also who gives a shit if she is an assist trophy damn. Maybe they can, idk, remove it? *gasp*

Why should she be playable? Edit

Because then there would be 3 Samus'. That would be hilarious. In actuality, she represents the highly successful Prime games, and she would be awesome. And she actually does shit in her games, unlike most of the other dark characters. Also, she isn't Ridley.


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spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't read below unless you want them!!!

Dark Samus also is the Metroid Prime. So the Metroid Prime series is named after her. Damn, that deserves some recognition.

Echo Fighter?Edit

Dark Samus is currently seen as the most likely candidate to be an echo fighter. Her Assist Trophy has yet to be seen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Samus lost her Dark Samus palette, and Ridley's victory theme, rather than being based on his theme like Dark Pit's, is a darker version of the Metroid victory theme (think Bowser and Bowser Jr.). While this isn't solid confirmation, it's more evidence than anyone else has.

Supporters Edit

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