Dankey Kang
Dankey Kang
Species Dankey
Homeworld Gran Hall Zane
DK Trapical Island
Series Dankey the Kang
Affiliation Blue Thing That Collects Rings and Runs Fast
Gender Male

Dankey Kang is a thing, which in fact is fake, created by a random woman on Jeopardy that tried to answer the Sonic question, which Jeopardy says they never gave. In reality, his creation can be attributed to Mike Rosenthal, A.K.A. some guy on Twitter.

What video game character is blue, collects rings and goes fast? Edit

Dankey Kang.

What Is He? Edit

There have been many imaginings of what Dankey Kang could look like, but we know he is blue, collects rings and goes fast.

Does She Mean Donkey Kong? Edit

Of course not. She would not have the colour of shit confused with the colour of water unless she was colourblind which she probably wasnt.

Is He Linked To Sonic At All?Edit

No, he is in NO WAY linked to Sonic. The only things they share are their fur colour, they collect rings and go fast, but sonic goes faster.

What Happened To Princess Zorldo?Edit

Tumblr mz5gs76gYR1rupnu3o1 1280

Dat face doh.

Princess Zorldo is Dankey Kang's not very well known girlfriend. She has no relation or links to any of the princesses, ESPECIALLY Zelda. But she goes fast, wears a blue dress and collects rings like her boyfriend. But rings you put on your finger. She can also use magic but it is not known what kind of magic she uses.


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