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This is Daniel's type of man.

Daniel-- otherwise known by his full account username, DanielDecadence-- is a widely known troll account that used to post on the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl boards. 


Daniel's main gimmick was pretending to be a girl, but it was very apparent that he was, in fact, a male. His introductory post on the Melee board was him talking about how much he loved certain male characters, and how he was a pretty little princess. He said he wanted all of his classmates at school to call him Princess Daisy while they sat around and braided each other's hair. His antics did not stop there. He regularly posted movesets for unannounced characters that involved homoeroticism and blatant gay sex. 

He also used a lot of emoticons to further portray a female such as "^____^;;" and "<3". He liked to call people "Silly little hot boys" constantly. It was weird.

Nice try, Daniel!Edit

During one of his retarded posts, he was talking about how he wanted to be a princess and molest lots of sexy men. One of the other posters had him take a picture of himself holding a sign that read "DanielDecadence". He did, and his face could be seen behind the paper a little bit, letting everybody know that he was, in fact, a guy. This lead to the meme "Nice try, Daniel!" surfacing. This phrase was constantly used whenever he would post a topic as a way for people to say "Nice try, but we know you're a guy!" 

Eventually, whenever a strange topic came up along these lines-- whether it was created by Daniel or not-- "Nice try, Daniel!" was used. 

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