Daisy in her Winter Wear
Species Skier
Homeworld Winterland
Series Mario
Affiliation The Olympics
Gender Female
Daisy in her Winter Outfit is a wanted newcomer by User728 and Michaeloll.

Daisy's Most Popular Incarnation As Of RecentlyEdit

Daisy in her Winter Outfit covers up this bulemic's thick legs, enforcing her inner strength flawlessly.

Many people love this incarnation of Daisy, as shown by the numerous YouTube videos of Daisy in her Winter Outfit performing Miku Miku Dances!


  • VnKpuZp8zgRj-MbP8iiG

    Who the fuck is this hoe?

    Daisy in her Winter Outfit surprisingly appears in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics as well! But Daisy in her Sports Outfit is the one horseback riding. So in this sense, techincally all Daisy's are the same and no one gives a flying shit on their differences.

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