Species Southern Bell
Homeworld Sarasaland
Chai Kingdom
Series Obscurity
Affiliation Anne Frank's Diary
Gender Female

Hi, I'm Daisy!


She is a character mentioned on the Smash boards, and rightfully so. With her personalities and aliases, she is one princess.

Importance in the Mario FranchiseEdit

Super Mario World - Mario, Save Me with Your Charm05:06

Super Mario World - Mario, Save Me with Your Charm

She also had a brief singing career.

In addition, she DID make it into Super Mario Maker, with a wide variety of soundbites, while Waluigi mostly had the default sounds. Guess which one of them Nintendo loves better?

That's right, the one that actually had an event course and wasn't locked by RNG.

Also, there's a Daisy amiibo! ARKAFNJIOSNFIOWFNPMNDOS!

Also also, she's unlockable in Super Mario Run and comes with a double jump. Too bad you've gotta play through at least 980 remixes of the exact same levels over and over again.

She also isn't in Odyssey. Which apparently means something even though series mainstays such as Luigi and Bowser Jr. aren't either.


Princess Daisy spawned from black sheep game Super Mario Land, exactly one year before Yoshi came about. Her turquoise blue and green indecisively coloured jewelry accents and short-sleeve fancy gloves reflect her ambiguity as a person.



All spawned from this hoe.

The following girls are another form of Princess Daisy. Daisy is THE most versatile character in Smash history who has a shot at becoming playable:

War Means War!Edit

Princess Daisy is jealous of the following characters:

  • Herself

Princess Daisy is annihilating the Princess Peach fanbase, one fan at a time. Come corrupt the pretty princess peach wikia here to help Daisy's plans advance![1]

Daisy has also recently released a video calling out Rosaline. She has yet to respond.

How Everyone Except Michaeloll Sees DaisyEdit

I m gonna eat you by tehcreechibi

imma eatchu bitch

People for some reason have a negative reaction to poor Princess Daisy. Perhaps it is because she is the biggest loser of all aliases of Daisy.

Maybe it is because Princess Daisy is the only alias of Daisy to have an annoying phrase repeated over and over.

Who knows?

How Michaeloll Sees DaisyEdit


YahooOO0o0o))O0O0O!! I DID IT!!!

Michaeloll hates her too.

As cool as she is, she just does not fit for Smash. Instead, aliases of Daisy, such as DIHSO or DIHSS would be much better candidates!

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