Daddy Pig
Daddy Pig
Species Pig
Homeworld Peppa Pig's Homeworld
Series Peppa Pig
Affiliation Badasser
Works in an Office with Colorful Markers
Gender Male

Hmm... It's not good. It's nonsense.

—Daddy Pig, when he finds out he's not revealed yet.

The most basdass pig in existence.

Dedede Man's Reveal TrailerEdit

Mario, Sonic and Captain Falcon are fighting by a hill. Sonic spindashes Mario, who is sent flying. Sonic makes a terrible pun and Captain Falcon slaps him. Sonic says "What? He needs to step it up a little if he wants to be a real Smasher!" We hear a voice say "I'm an expert at Smashing!" A car drives up and someone jumps out. DADDY PIG is an expert at Smashing! Sonic and Captain Falcon just laugh. Daddy Pig hits Captain Falcon with his briefcase and sends him flying. Sonic tries to run, but Daddy Pig runs after him. He catches up and throws a pancake at Sonic, then he summons a dinosaur who attacks Sonic, defeating him. Daddy Pig laughs and smiles at the camera. We see gameplay yadda yadda, then we see his final smash: Happy Mrs. Chicken. Happy Mrs. Chicken lays lots of eggs and then the chickens shoot across the screen. Depending on how many eggs she lays, more damage is done. Cut back to normal clips. There is a plate with a slice of cake on it on the ground. Daddy Pig goes to eat it. Just as he moves to pick it up, we see a familiar shadow and hear a roar. Daddy Pig says "Woooah" like whenever he falls or whatnot in the show. Cut to black.

Known SupportersEdit

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