Account Created October 31, 2014 (newest account: CutthemacX)
Karma Level 30: Regular User
Current Status Active
Gender Not a grill
Alts KicktheNopon, a shitload of banned accounts
Nicknames Cut, The Nopon, GameFAQs's Resident Xenoblade Fanboy

CutthemacX s a user on GameFAQs. He is a huge fan of the Xenoblade series and for typing in a unusual childlike fashion. He is a proud weeaboo, and calls anybody who likes western games or characters (particularly DK and Metroid) "westaboos".

ISAAC IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF SHIT EVER AND SO IS GOLDEN SUN! Xenoblade Chronicles on the other hand is the greatest game ever made. This is not an opinion, but rather it is a trufaq.

And he r vry important cuz he invented teh "steals your popcorn" and "no u".

"*Steals your popcorn*"

"no u"

"r u a r33l grill?"

"More like Golden Not Fun"

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