Note that he wrote an erotic fanfiction involving underage characters. And it was serious, unlike the Erotic Quin Fanfiction.

"Corocoro provided nothing. *Keep Bumped*" is a topic designed to end the countless CoroCoro topics after the fall of Corocoro has begun leaking.


  • So far, it has succeeded.
  • They have discovered that Bulbapedia outed the CoroCoro leaker and stopped the leaks before we could get the fabled fourth Mega Evolution.
  • It was discovered that the webmaster of Bulbapedia may or may not be a pedophile.


  • The topic quickly derailed into a Bulbagapedia blacklist fest, with some people saying they are switching to Serebii.
  • There was a picture of the webmaster, but it was deleted by a mod. If someone finds a new one, please post it for reference... Never mind!
  • Here's the fanfic listed above. It appears to be incomplete.
    Liam Pomfret Archaic

    This image led to the subsequent research to see if he is, in fact, a pedophile. Also, we got it wrong. Bulbagarden, not Bulbapedia. Same difference.

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