A legendary topic, Corocoro has begun leaking reached 500 before any of Corocoro at all (minus something about a Pokemon movie in the first few pages) was posted. It subsequently became a meme (see trivia)


  • 2015 Pokemon OR/AS movie is a playable character
  • Dr. Who discussion
  • The Chorus Men are Ridley, K. Rool, and Mewtwo. They are a group, much like the Ice Climbers. They are all Captain Falcon clones, and their Final Smash is Landmaster.
  • Discussions over whether the leak has even started yet

Turns out that when Alfonzo joins the battle, Chrom is in charge of the train.

If you have a battle on the Spirit Train with Toon Link, Alfonzo and Robin, then use Robin's Final Smash, Chrom jumps away from the controls of the train and helps Robin. Since nobody is driving the train, it crashes into a swamp. Shrek jumps out of the swamp and yells, "Get out of my swamp or it's all ogre for you!" Then he attacks. If you can defeat Shrek, you unlock him as a playable character.



  • kidmf935 made his intentions of making Part 2, in the hopes of reaching 500, clear long before he should've. This led to others also running with the idea, and a ton of different leak topics, including Ridley, account closings, and "Corocoro has stopped leaking" within five minutes, making it one of the fastest memes on the board.