In a topic created by Mikokiri (she never makes good topics, and when she does, they never reach 500, expect this one she posted about female Link in Smash, all thanks to Matt), she stated how she wanted a Shulk amiibo, only because it would most likely have a pole rammed up his ass. This caused Divine_shadow_ to say that he was currently imagining Shulk's face on a corndog, since corndogss have sticks rammed up their bottom, which is what Shulk is doomed for, but an ugly looking pole instead of a stick.

The topic was deleted, possibly because someone thought it was a secret 'let's laugh about rape!' topic, which wasn't the idea at all, and TC says she didn't even think about it being connected to rape. The dispute to bring it back was overturned but the mod didn't bring the topic back in fear of it offending others.

About a day later, a photoshopped image with Shulk's head on a corndog surfaced. energyman photoshopped another image to give him his arms and legs. Users including Divine shadow, JorentyIII and Powerclaw1 posted the image all over the board, causing a huge issue for the mods. The result:

Status as a meme Edit

As of January 15, 2015, Corndog Shulk is an autofill search term on Google, confirming Corndog Shulk as an "official" meme.

Corndog related casualtiesEdit

Screenshot (2)

The mods really can't take a fucking joke. As seen here, by warning this splendid user for the mere worship of Corndog Shulk.

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