Account Created October 16, 2012
Karma Level 33: Elite

Now closed

Current Status N/A
Gender Male

ColtCababa is a user on the GameFAQs message board.

Early life Edit

Before his tenure, ColtCababa was head over heels for Mario Kart 7. It is then, in which he decided to create a GameFAQs account in late-2011 for the sole purpose of discussion among his Mario Kart-playing peers. Despite being a weeaboo ass shit-for-dick, he provided the community with a heap of entertainment before ultimately receiving his first ban.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Edit

The later ColtCababa did not begin posting on the message board for Super Smash Bros. until the final character roster was confirmed. Who in their right mind likes to predict dumb crap that they don't even know will happen or not? He is notable for being a top tier hipster with an excessive fetish for women's undergarments.

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